Tax Stamper, Wrapper, Boxer, Over Wrapper

Stamper machine is designed and developed in house, here the cigarette packet will be sealed by tobacco tax stamp label which is followed by wrapping machine.

Wrapping Machine is specially designed by us to wrap cigarette packets with plastic cellophane. Our cellophane wrapping machine makes the packaging smooth and gorgeous. The plastic film wrapped over the packets protects the cigarettes from moisture and any kind of contamination. Our cellophane machine is designed and developed on the basis of the technology of cigarette cellophane wrapping machines.We can customize the packet wrapping machine to fit into your packet size. Our machines run at a speed of 150-180 packets per minute. It’s easily operated and maintained conveniently.

Boxing machine is a high-tech integration of light, electricity and gas, which is suitable for automatic cartoning of a variety of products. The working processes includes the transfer of raw products, the auto open and transportation of boxes, the loading of raw material into the carton boxes, and sealing & closure of two ends of carton boxes.

Over-Wrapping Machine is specially designed and developed by us to pack cartons of cigarettes by the plastic film. Our carton cellophane wrapping machines are able to wrap the carton smoothly and perfectly. The finished packaging products are of high quality in the packaging area. Our machines are equipped with Siemens PLC control to give the machine a stable electrical system. Moreover, it’s running at a speed of 18 cartons per minute which can meet medium-high production requirements.

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