MK9 Cigarette Making Machine

Dynamic M5000 cigarette making machine is medium-high speed cigarette production machine with a capacity of 5,000 cigarette/min. It is similar in design as Molins  MK9 cigarette maker, attached with Hauni Max-S filter assembler. we also provide  tray filler at an additional cost. Cigarette maker is used to wrap and form tobacco rods while filter assembler machine is used to cut and assemble filter tips with tobacco rods. It comes with 9 servo motors, a touch screen HMI to customise run settings of the machine. There is also loose end sensors to reject inferior-quality cigarettes automatically. Our machine is capable of producing cigarettes of any diameter super slim to king size  or any custom size as per the requirement.

 Technical Highlights:
1. MK9 has double knife system for cutting cigarette rods, the cutter system is dynamically balanced and uses highest quality material for easy rotations at higher speeds with lower noise levels.  
2. The entire machine uses 9 Yaskawa OR Lenze motors as per customer’s choice, (8 servo motors for MK9 and 1 servo motor for MAX-S) for highly precise  transmission that are synchronized in order to simplify the drive of individual mechanical subassemblies, this is very helpful in isolating any mechanical failures thus reducing the maintenance cost.
3. The hopper system uses one of the servo motors to directly drive the tobacco cutting system  and it uses timing belts instead of gears, so the tobacco feed is consistent.
4. The machine uses SIEMENS PLC S7-1500 series with PROFINET communication.
5. MK9 comes with automatic microwave weight control scanner that is connected via servo motor, the microwave scanner checks the average weight of the cigarettes and sends control to the Ecretuer gear box to adjust the tobacco flow in order to achieve the required cigarette weight.
6. MAX-S comes with Loose end sensor and Filter plug detector, that ejects any bad cigarettes.
7. Touch panels of SIEMENS are provided for safe and intuitive machine operation.
8. The Display panel shows machine status and any failures with error codes and it also displays production data precisely.
9. The machine uses SMC PROFINET pneumatic control module.
10. All doors are ergonomically designed and interlocked with electrical device to ensure safety of the operators.  
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