Mr. G.R.Surya Raj is the founder and chairman of DYNAMIC TOOLS PVT. LTD., with over 30 years of experience in cigarette industry.  We are an ISO 9001 certified company, leading Manufacturers and major suppliers of tobacco machinery, that offers complete customised solution for making cigarettes, that includes cigarette maker, packer, wrapper, over wrapper, stamper, and boxer machine with over twenty-five years of experience. Our cigarette production machine has been supplied to more than 35 countries. Our goal is to produce highest quality machinery, over these past twenty years we have made solid progress in various machinery manufacturing. We are proud of what we have achieved as of today and with our continuous efforts to get better, we stand as top company to produce high quality machines in the world.

Our products range includes cigarette maker @ 2500 cig/min designed like Molins MK8 with Hauni Max – III  D type, cigarette maker @ 4500 cig/min designed like Molins MK9 with Hauni Max-S assembly), cigarette packer such as Hinge Lid Packaging machine (HLP2), Duplex (Shell & Slide), Wrapper, Boxer, Stamper, Over-Wrapper.

We provide help with installation service for the purchased machinery by sending our highly skilled engineers at the client location to setup the machinery including electrical connections (for a brand new company), and ensure accurate run settings for smooth production and also train the on-site technicians.