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 MK8 Cigarette Making Machine
Cigarette Making Machine called Mark-8 (MK-8) which is a simplified version of Cigarette Making machine which can be operated by even a novice trainee. It does not include any complicated technology and worry-free maintenance. It produces 2500 superior quality Cigarettes per minute.

    • This machine can be attached with any filter assembler like PA 8 ND or MKX-III.
  • Weight:2500 Kgs
  • Power consumption:10 kw
  • Fully guarded optional equipments on request
  • Variable frequency drive system
  • Kaymich Gluing System
Filter Assembler
Dynamics 2500 a.k.a MAX Filter Assembler
This filter assembler (MAX) machine can be attached to any Molin’s version cigarette maker (MK-8 or MK8)which will work efficiently in combination with any cigarette maker yielding up to a speed of 2500 cigarettes per minute. It is a multiroll system equipped with latest 1117 Infeed unit system, tipping units of 8 knives and upto 70 mm Cork tipping paper.

    • The delivery of the cigarettes are on double row hand catcher and this can be converted to single row also.
  • Weight:1.5 Tons
  • Power consumption: 1.5Kw
  • Requires air compression and vacuum.
Shell and Slide Packing Machine
Dynamics 250
This packing machine is shell and slide drawer type. Packs up to 5 or 10 or 20 or 25 cigarettes in one pack of any length in solid bundle type or easy access pull foil type. Machine will be in two parts- Filler and Sealer with delivery system. Also, the machine is supplied with full set of guards.

  • Weight: 3 Tons
  • Power: 2Kw
Critical Spare parts
Critical spare parts supplied for machines like LogaMaxD/S, Mark-9, MAX-S/D including Rolling Drum Assy, Infeed Drum, Tip Turning Drum Assy , Final Cut Drum Assy, Hydraulic Weight Control, Etc. and also provides Cigarette conversion kits.