MK8 Cigarette Making Machine

MK8 cigarette making machine is our most popular cigarette production machine which has been supplied to more than 35 countries. It’s a fully automatic mechanical cigarette making machine that produces about 2500 cigarettes per minute. This machine consists of Cigarette maker and filter assembler where cigarette maker wraps and rolls cut tobacco with cigarette rolling paper and filter assembler cuts and assembles filter tips with tobacco rods.  cigarette tray filler is optional. In the final end of the machine, cigarette tray filler unit can be attached, we currently don’t supply that.


Machine Technical Specifications

Item Details Item Details
Overall Capacity 2,500 cigarette/min Filter Tip Diameter 5.35mm- any length
Cork Paper width any mm Cork Paper Length 19-34mm
Cut-off Speed 2500 r/min(Apprx) Ambient Conditions 6×105pa
Filter Cigarette Length 59 – 100 mm Air Pressure 4×105pa
Rod Cigarette Length 45mm-any Power Supply 420V-440V(3 phases) (can be stepped up or down depending on the country)
Rod Cigarette Diameter 5.4mm-any length  Frequency 50HZ±1HZ
Filter Length 66-any Maker Weight 3500KG(Appx)
Filter Tip Length 11 mm- any Max Assembler Weight 1500KG(Apprx)

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